Traveling for Treatment

Traveling for Ativan addiction treatment

Many people choose to enter a local treatment center for sake of convenience. Researching different detox and rehab programs can be very time consuming, and it becomes an even more rigorous process when you begin to include out-of-town treatment centers. However, limiting your choices to strictly local programs may not be the best option.

While there are certainly benefits to choosing a local treatment center, there are also many downsides. One of the biggest disadvantages is the likelihood of distractions during treatment. When an addict attempts recovery in the same environment that they would typically use drugs or alcohol, temptation may increase. In a local treatment center, there is also a greater chance that you will have frequent visitors. While it may be nice to have such contact, frequent visitors can distract you from your progress. Staying local may also leave you limited to certain services and features, while other important services are only available in other locations.

Features to Look for in Treatment

There are many features and services that vary between addiction treatment centers. By choosing a center that offers the features you are drawn to, the chances of successful recovery increases. Here are some specifics to look for when you are choosing a treatment facility:

  • Medically-monitored detox
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Holistic options such as yoga, art therapy or equine therapy
  • Current treatment modalities such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • A focus on trauma resolution
  • Family therapy and support
  • A capacity for treating mental health as well as addiction
  • Continuing care plans and relapse prevention education

Local facilities may not have everything that you or a loved one needs to fully recovery from substance abuse. Depending on your diagnosis, you may need a more specialized facility or a place where all your needs in treatment can be met. Finding the right treatment center can be critical to your recovery process.

Travel does not have to be a barrier to treatment. Getting out of your initial environment can help you focus on your recovery and take solace in a change of scenery. It also keeps a healthy distance between you and those who may negatively influence you in the first stages of your recovery. You can see a new city, meet new people and ultimately find comfort in a new way of life.

Taking the Step

Taking the step from active addiction to recovery is a tremendous choice to make. You are not only choosing to value yourself as an individual, but also providing relief to loved ones who have also been affected by your addiction. Many people believe that there should be no reward for seeking addiction, because they think it is simply a responsibility to make up for bad choices. However, addiction is so often driven by chemical alterations in the brain. These changes instigate cravings and withdrawal, two aspects of addition that lead people to continue using drugs or alcohol. The strength of overcoming the chemically-driven need for substance abuse should be applauded. Your treatment team will welcome you with open arms just based on your decision to walk through the doors.

Get Help for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Let us help you find the right treatment center for your particular diagnosis and financial capabilities. You deserve to know what your options are, whether local or out-of-state. If you or a loved one suffers from addiction, please call our toll free number today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about drug or alcohol addiction.