How dangerous is ativan abuse?

How Dangerous Is Ativan Abuse?

Ativan can cause tolerance, dependence, and addiction within as little as 4 weeks. Without the strict supervision of a medical professional, Ativan can quickly become dangerous to the patient. These dangers extend in all aspects of someone’s life. The dangers of this drug can be physical, emotional, financial, and even social.

The Dangers of Ativan

Many dangers of Ativan addiction carry over into all realms of life. Anything from a headache to a loss of job and family can be caused by Ativan addiction. In short, Ativan can destroy your entire life. The following are problems associated with Ativan abuse:

  • Emotional and psychological problems of Ativan abuse
    Aside from the physical aspects, Ativan can actually cause psychological addiction as well. With the addiction come emotional side effects that can carry over into every aspect of your life. Ativan can actually cause confusion, depression, suicidal thoughts, hostility, and even hallucinations. These side effects are serious and have caused addicts to commit suicide.
  • Physical problems of Ativan abuse
    The physical side effects from Ativan can range anywhere from a fatigue to seizures. Although the side effects are bad, the addiction is the most dangerous physical side effect of Ativan. Once the patient builds a tolerance, he or she will have to take higher doses in order to feel the effects. These high doses can be dangerous. Physical symptoms from this drug include headache, nausea, constipation, and even hair loss.
  • Financial problems of Ativan abuse
    There are many financial costs and risks to consider. Because of its psychological and emotional effects, Ativan has caused many addicts to lose their job. It can become close to impossible to function properly at work when you have feelings of confusion, disorientation and even slurred speech.
  • Social and familyproblems of Ativan abuse
    Ativan has caused divorce, family breakups, and loss of friends. This addiction can cause loss of sex drive and even impotence in men. It also will change an addicts personality and potentially cause aggression, which has led to physical abuse in some families. Although many families and loved ones have made it through the addiction and recovery, others have not. Ativan can destroy relationships.

The Benefits of Ativan Recovery

If you are one of the lucky ones who have not lost your family, job or your own life, then you still have the chance to keep all those things. Rehab will not only help you break free of the drug, it can also help you mend relationships and excel at work. Rehab centers will tailor a rehab program around your addiction and needs. They start by taking you through detox. Without professional help, detox can be extremely uncomfortable and almost impossible. Counselors will then take you through some intense counseling that will help you pinpoint your addiction. Sometimes the addiction stems from other issues in your life and it is crucial to deal with these so that your chances of relapse go down. Rehab centers will also help you stay accountable through group therapy and possibly a personal sponsor. Call a rehab center before it becomes too late.

Want to Learn More About the Dangers of Ativan Abuse?

If you or someone you know is struggling with Ativan addiction, call one of our counselors 24 hours a day. We are standing by to take your call and help you take the first step to a drug–free life. All calls are toll-free, and we can even help you figure out the cost of rehab with your current insurance plan. Don’t struggle with this alone. Call us today.