Hormonal Balance and Ativan Use

Hormonal Balance and Ativan Use

The benzodiazepine lorazepam is marketed as Ativan, a drug usually taken in pill form to calm patients with anxiety or depressive disorders. In this role, it is addictive enough, but taking it recreationally carries even more risk of serious harm for the user. Excessive Ativan consumption can greatly affect a user’s hormones.

Dangerous Hormonal Imbalances Caused by Ativan

Ativan abuse can, in rare cases, cause the pituitary gland in the brain to release dangerously high levels of antidiuretic hormone, causing a condition called hyponatremia. In this disorder, the body accumulates too much water, or bloats, diluting the sodium in the individual’s blood to a concentration far below its healthy level. This buildup of excess water, especially in and around the brain, causes headaches, nausea and confusion, with convulsions and coma possible in severe cases.

Combining Ativan with natural hormonal remedies for stress relief is likely to have negative results in the patient’s life; such remedies should never be attempted without face-to-face medical advice from one’s doctor, especially if the patient is already taking anxiety medication.

For women expecting a child, pregnancy hormones can intensify any pre-existing anxiety or depression, making Ativan use a tricky venture. It is best to be in the care of a doctor who is familiar with the way the woman’s body has reacted to Ativan in the past and who knows how pregnancy hormones will affect her response to it. With careful management, Ativan can help an anxiety sufferer to make it through pregnancy with minimal episodes of severe anxiety. However, the adverse effects of abusing this drug are only intensified during the highly hormonal season of life that is pregnancy, not only on the mother but on her unborn baby as well. Ativan abuse can lead to postnatal withdrawals, birth defects and other consequences for the infant.

Hormone Imbalance and Ativan Addiction Recovery

The above are only a few of the many possible effects of Ativan addiction on the user’s hormones; all of the possibilities depend upon the user’s unique body chemistry. One thing is certain for everyone: an imbalance of hormones that results from the abuse of Ativan will detrimentally affect the user’s recovery process, especially the early stages. Individuals with hormonal imbalances are often in medical danger of some kind, such as hyponatremia, making the job of medical detox specialists more complicated as they seek to purge the drug from the patient’s body without aggravating any health conditions. Additionally, hormonally unstable patients frequently feel confusion and disorientation in their emotions and relationships. Self-confidence is often low or nonexistent, which makes hope for a complete recovery seem unattainable. Recovery is always possible, but the best decision is to never even consider using Ativan in any way other than as one’s doctor has approved. The consequences on the user’s hormones and the rest of his or her person are not worth the momentary thrills of drug abuse.

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